Complete Conveyor Components and Service

Since 1970 the Belt Maintenance Group of Companies has offered the quickest, most qualified conveyor belt maintenance service in the industry.

As a company policy, we do not take short cuts.
We work to the splicing and repair specifications of the belt manufacturers and we always use the appropriate materials.

This is our way of assuring that the job will be done right-to prevent future problems.
Generally, short cuts mean a shorter service life. In all cases, your belt is our primary concern.

Our fully trained and experienced technicians, with their complete and up to date equipment are always ready to travel on short notice so that any costly, unscheduled down time can be minimized.

Complete field service equipment and supplies are maintained at all of our branches for quick reaction to customer needs.

We have earned and maintained a solid reputation for providing timely, expert workmanship in belt and conveyor related maintenance.

As a Belt Maintenance customer we can assist you in keeping your conveyor system operating at peak efficiency.

Field Services

Complete installation, change outs, splicing, repairs, trouble shooting,
consulting, pulley lagging or relagging, general mechanical, chute lining, impact area, and belt cleaning system services are available at any time, on any day.

Shop Services
At all of our branches, a wide range of shop services are available. These include custom slitting, splicing, repairing, seaming, V-guide, cleat & flange application, pulley lagging, sleeve, boot, seal and special product

The Belt Maintenance Group offers a full range of supplies and equipment for conveyor related maintenance.
Along with these supplies, training services are available so that your personnel can learn how, when, and where to use any material or when to call us in for work.

This has proven to be a cost effective means of minimizing downtime for our customers.

Belt Maintenance Group is a division of Purvis Industries.